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Edit menu


Click this to undo the last performed action (or use the hot key: Ctrl+Z).


Click this to redo the last undone action (or use the hot key: Ctrl+Y).


The history window shows your last performed actions with the most recent at the bottom. Click on any action to go to that point in one step.

Preset Chord Progressions...

This window contains a selection of chord progressions for easy access. Most of them are commonly used in different styles of music, while others are just useful examples or building blocks for further experimentation.

Select a chord progression and click on "Replace Page" (or simply double-click on a progression) to overwrite the actual chord page (previous chords will be deleted).

Click on "Add To Page" to add the selected chord porgression to the actual chord page (without deleting previous chords).


This opens the Transpose dialog where you can transpose selected chords, the actual chord page, or the whole session.

Clear Page

Deletes all chords on the actual chord page.

Cut/Copy/Paste Chords

Use these commands to cut/copy/paste selected chords.

Delete Chords

Deletes selected chords.

Select All Chords On Page

Selects all chords on the actual chord page.

Edit Page Sequence As Text...

You can quickly define a sequence of chord pages by editing a string of characters. For example, you type in VVRVRBRR, press [Enter], and you have defined a sequence of 8 chord pages with verse (V), refrain (R), and bridge (B) pages in the given order.

Clear Page Sequence

Use this command to delete the chord page sequence. This does not affect the content of chord pages (all chords on all pages will be left unchanged).

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