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Play menu

Play From Actual Page

Plays the session/song from the actual chord page.

Play From Start

Plays the session/song from the beginning (first chord on first page).

Play From Loop Start

Plays the session/song from the start of the custom loop region (if any).


Stops playing.

Repeat All

Plays the session repeatedly.

Repeat Page

Plays the actual chord page repeatedly.

Repeat Off

Plays the session once.

Fade Out...

Set an optional fade out time for your song:


Make fine adjustments to volume levels in your session. Optionally, store your settings as a custom mix for the actual music style.

In the 'Drums' section, you can control the loudness of kick drum, snare drum, hi-hat, extra percussion, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, and fx (splash and china) cymbals. Note that these sliders (blue labels) are actually controlling MIDI note velocities and not volume levels.

The 'Chords' section consists of three layers (a,b,c). The actual musical content of these layers varies with the music style. Typically, layer 'a' is a sustained sound (e.g. organ, strings, or synthesizer pad), layer 'b' is a rhythmic/percussive component, and layer 'c' is an additional decorative item (e.g. a guitar arpeggio).

Use the three buttons to reset all sliders for 'Drums', 'Bass', and 'Chords', respectively.

Music style's custom mix

Click on the button to store your mix as the actual music style's custom mix. Later, you can load that remixed music style from within any session by clicking on the icon next to the name of the music style, for example:


This gives you access to some accompaniment options for the session level:

Auto cymbal

Defines how often the crash cymbal will be hit automatically. By default, the frequency is determined by the actual music style's default value. You can overwrite this value and specify a custom one.

Restart music style on page change

If activated (default), the accompaniment pattern will be restarted when a chord page switches to the next one in the page sequence.

Repeat music style segment in loops

If enabled, the accompaniment pattern will be synchronized to the song position whenever a loop restarts (similarly to a CD player).

If disabled (default), the accompaniment pattern will loop independently (i.e. it will play its full length pattern regardless of the length of the loop). This way it is possible, for example, to define a short progression (e.g. two chords in two bars) and have an 8-bar accompaniment pattern playing its full length without restarting after the first two bars every time.

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