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File menu


Initializes the workspace.


Opens a file dialog where you can locate and open saved session files. ChordPulse session files have the extension "cps".

Recent files...

Here you can find a list of the most recently used 20 files so you can quickly and conveniently access your sessions.


This saves changes made to the session since you last saved.

Save As...

Use this command to save the actual session to a new file.

Save As MIDI File...

Saves the music to a standard MIDI file (format 0 or 1). This function ignores master volume, mute, tuning, and loops.

Save Chords As Text...

Saves the chords of the actual session to a text file:

Session Notes...

You may add notes about the actual session here. It will be stored in the session file.

Session Links...

You may store up to 5 links to files or web pages in your ChordPulse session:

If a link is specified, a "Link" sensor will appear above the session name:

This sensor lets you open the file or web page with a single click.

Global Notes...

Store your general notes and reminders in this place.


Exits the application.

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