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Working with chords

Adding chords

Move the mouse to the empty area on the right of the last chord. A "+" symbol will appear. Click on it to add a new chord to the chord progression:

To insert a chord before an existing chord, right-click on the chord and select "Insert" from the menu.

Playing from a chord

Position the mouse over the bottom-left corner of a chord. A play symbol will appear. Click on it to start playing from that chord.

Resizing chords

To change the length of a chord, drag the right edge of the chord to the desired position. The small vertical lines below the chords indicate the bar lines. In the example below, the first chord lasts for 2 bars, the second for 1.5 bars, the third for 0.5 bar:

Splitting chords

Right-click on a chord and select "Split" from the menu to split it into two.

Selecting chords

Click a chord to select it, click it again to deselect it. Hold down [Ctrl] and click on multiple chords to select them simultaneously. To select a block of chords, hold down [Shift] and click on the first and last chord.

Deleting chords

Right-click on a chord and select "Delete" from the menu to delete it. Alternatively, select the chord (left-click) and press [Delete] on the keyboard.

Moving and copying chords

Selected chords can be moved by simply dragging them with the mouse. Hold down [Ctrl] to copy the selection instead of moving it.

Alternatively, you can use the cut/copy/paste commands of the chord menu (right-click on a chord) or the standard Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V hot keys.

Transposing chords

To transpose a chord or group of chords, first define your selection. Then, right-click on any of the selected chords and choose "Transpose" from the menu.

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