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Sound mix

You can adjust the global volume of ChordPulse using the "Master" slider. The sound levels of the drums, bass and chord sections of the accompaniment can be controlled independently:
Sound mix - volume controls for Master, Drums, Bass, Chords
Use these volume controls to adjust the sound mix to your tastes, or to turn down tracks completely, thereby creating space for your "live" instrument. For example, turn down "Chords" and you get a drum machine with bass. Turn down "Drums" and you get a bass and chords only accompaniment, so you can practice as a drummer. Or simply use the default volume mix and sing along with the full accompaniment.

Mute sound

To mute the sound of ChordPulse, click on the

button to the left of the "Master" slider. Alternatively, press M on your keyboard.

Reset sound mix

You can reset the sound mix (i.e. the sound levels of drums, bass, and chords) anytime by clicking on the

button next to the "Chords" slider. The yellow light on the button indicates that the sound mix is reset.

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