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Music style and tempo

Changing music styles

To change the music (or accompaniment) style, simply click on "Style" or the name of the actual music style:

Changing the accompaniment style

The music style selector will appear:

Selecting from different categories/genres in the music style selector

The style selector stays open (by default) or closes automatically after selecting a style, depending on your preferences (see "More..." in Options menu). If it stays open, you can try out multiple styles conveniently, and if you like a style, you can double-click on it to close the selector.

Music styles are organized into categories (All, Pop, Rock, Jazz+Blues, Synth, Country, World, Extra, Training) and can be sorted based on name, tempo, or time signature for easier navigation. The "All" category lists all but the Training music styles.

Music style information is shown in three columns: name of style, default tempo, and time signature. For example, "3/4 T" means that the music style has three quarter-notes per measure and is based on eight notes triplets. "16T" denotes sixth note triplets. An empty time signature field corresponds to common time (4/4).

If you select a new music style, the tempo will change to the default tempo of the new music style automatically. If you want to keep the actual tempo while switching between styles, activate "Lock XYZ BPM" (where XYZ is the actual tempo) in the bottom-right corner of the style selector:

Music styles with lock volume and tempo controls

By default, when selecting a new music style, the volume levels of the accompaniment (drums, bass, chords) are kept at their current values. If you want to reset the volume levels automatically when changing styles, deactivate "Lock Mixer".

Changing the tempo

You have several options to adjust the tempo. First of all, you can use the "Tempo" slider:

For fine adjustments you can use the + and - buttons on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can click the + and - buttons next to the "Tempo" slider. This way you can increase or decrease the tempo by 1 BPM (beats per minute).

You may also click on "Tempo" or the BPM value displayed below it (on the main black display) to bring up the tempo selector where you can choose from a list of BPM values:

Choosing a BPM value in the tempo selector

Similarly to the music style selector, the tempo selector stays open or closes automatically after clicking on a BPM value, depending on your preferences (see "More..." in Options menu). If it stays open, you can experiment with multiple BPM values conveniently, and if you feel that a tempo is right, double-click on it to close the selector.

Reset tempo

You can revert to the style's default tempo anytime by clicking on the button next to the "Tempo" slider. The yellow light on the button indicates that the tempo is set to default.

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