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How ChordPulse works

MIDI output only

ChordPulse is a pure MIDI software: it supports MIDI output and MIDI export functions but it has no audio component and no audio output. A General MIDI compatible software or hardware synthesizer (connected as a MIDI output device, see Output... in Options menu) is required to produce sound in real time. Alternatively, backing tracks can be exported to standard MIDI files. ChordPulse itself does not generate sound.

MIDI streaming and MIDI export

ChordPulse uses its accompaniment engine to combine its extensive music style library (180+ styles) with high-level information (e.g. chords, arrangement points, different options) specified by the user to generate MIDI events. These MIDI events can be sent to a connected compatible synthesizer or sound generator (if available as a MIDI output device) for real-time sound generation. ChordPulse tells what to play (which musical notes, when, how long, how loud, etc.) and the connected synthesizer creates the actual sound. In other words, ChordPulse provides the musicians, the synthesizer provides the instruments.

Creating MIDI backing tracks: real-time MIDI output or export to standard MIDI files

In addition to streaming MIDI data, ChordPulse can export backing tracks to standard MIDI files (both Format 0 and Format 1 are supported) for further processing or playback by independent software or hardware. For example, exported MIDI files can be imported into an Audio/MIDI sequencer program where different synthesizers or (virtual) instruments can be assigned to individual MIDI tracks contained in the MIDI files. This way it is possible to create a custom sound for your backing tracks or modify the MIDI data extensively (e.g. change/delete/add musical notes, combine musical content from different MIDI files).

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