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Version 2.6:

- chord audition: listen to chords and root/bass notes while the music is not playing,
      choose chord/arpeggio mode and musical instrument
- optionally display chord notes in chord selector
- "Split Keyboard" visualization mode and other improvements and options for musical note visualizer
- arrangement point now indicates modifications made to drums / bass / chords sections
- new accompaniment styles: Pop: Fast Pop, Pop Pad;   Rock: Steady Beat;   Extra: Funk Base D, Heavy
- improved and extended help file and in-program help
- revised Options menu
- adjustable bar number frequency
- double click style / tempo / key to close selector
- Esc key closes style / tempo / key / chord / arrangement point / page selector; Esc to quit program is now optional
- more detailed and less redundant chord / arrangement point editing history (undo/redo information)
- several minor improvements and optimizations
- bug fixes

Version 2.5:

- 34 new music styles added:
      - Pop category: A New Start, Piano Energy, Toms, Toms B, Toms C
      - Rock category: Dirty Shuffle, Ground State, Quarter Rock, Rock Run, Tom's Rock
      - Jazz+Blues category: Jazz Latin Fusion, Jazz Pop Fusion
      - Synth category: Electroblade, Electroplast, Fluid Dynamics, Rain, Shield, Submerge, The Flight
      - World category: Cha Cha, Montuno, Montuno B, Montuno C
      - Extra category: Baroque Peace B, Distant, Funk Base B, Funk Base C, Low, My Meadow,
            Percussive, Percussive B, Percussive C, Sharp Ballad, Tireless Marimba
- "Preset Chord Progressions" window: hotkey [O] added, last selected item is remembered, new presets added
- new sample sessions added
- extended in-application and html help
- minor improvements, optimizations, and fixes

Version 2.4:

- chord types added: 5, 6sus, 7b5, 7b9, 7#9, 7alt, 7sus, mM7, 9, m9, M9,
      9sus, 9b5, 9#5, 69, m69, m11, 13, m13, M13
- new chord selectors: standard (17 chord types) and extended (36 chord types)
- chord voicing options: rootless voicing, open harmony
- chord notation options, chord qualities are now in subscript
- new style selector with categories, sorting options, tempo and time signature information
- 11 new music styles in "Jazz+Blues" category, one new style in "Synth" category
- improved Swing and Jazz Ballad styles
- some jazz/blues preset chord progressions added/renamed
- new sample sessions: Blues, Jazz Loop, Minor Blues, Rock Base, Vintage Jazz;
      in folder "Samples/More": Even Jazz, Minor Blues 2, Unwind
- music styles renamed: Slow 9/8 -> Slow Rock 9/8, Tsamikos 3/4 -> Tsamikos, Easy Swing -> Tale Swing,
      Soft Swing -> Swing - Pad, Soft Swing 3/4 -> Swing - Pad 3/4
- additional minor improvements, changes, and fixes

Version 2.3:

- 30 new music styles added
- improved Windows 8 compatibility
- bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.2:

- ChordPulse is digitally signed by Symantec Norton / VeriSign
- support for transposing instruments
- new MIDI export window, silence and precount options
- startup warning for non-standard master tune & visual transpose
- modified Options menu
- improved visibility of (adjacent active) piano keys, C4 mark on wide piano keyboard
- small cosmetic changes
- precount problem with Sound Blaster hardware fixed

Version 2.1.1:

- fixed: timing issues on slower computers
- additional optimization of processor usage

Version 2.1:

- 10 new music styles
- improved editing of arrangement points, redesigned editor, arrangement & cymbal can be defined independently
- new visualization modes: "Note grid" and "Chord+bass notes" (click on piano keyboard to change mode)
- play music from any beat
- chord inversion is shown in chord editor
- preset chord progressions: several new presets, "Add" mode
- visual customization: wide/white model, 10 text colors, 4 chord coloring modes, 4 chord appearance modes
- various cosmetic changes: metal play button, somewhat wider window, desaturated text and chord colors
- new options: leave style/tempo/key selector open, flat notes by default in new sessions
- non-modal "Session Notes" window
- "Key shift" changed to "Key" on main display, sharp/flat notes shown on main display
- bug fixes

Version 2.0:

- arrangement points (song breaks/endings + simple arrangement options)
- Repeat All/Page/Off modes and an independent custom loop region
- fade out
- detailed session mixer
- define a custom mix for each music style
- accompaniment dialog with auto cymbal options
- master tune sensor in main window
- cut/copy/paste controls in page selector
- 8 new music styles
- 45 new sample sessions (including 15 technical)
- hot key changes: Repeat mode (R), Activate loop (L), Clear loop (C), Reference tones (T), Mute (U)
- 'Lock volume levels' when changing styles is now default
- minor cosmetic changes

Version 1.5:

- 24 music styles added
- multi-page style selector with "Lock volume levels" and "Lock tempo" switches

Version 1.4:

- new chord types: augmented/half-diminished/diminished seventh and major/minor/suspended second chords
- save your music as standard MIDI files (format 0 or 1)
- minor cosmetic changes
- fixed: 'Insert' command ignored maximum page size of 16 bars

Version 1.3:

- master tune: tune ChordPulse to your instrument by adjusting the frequency of A440
- export chord progressions to text files
- session links: store up to 5 links to files or web pages in your ChordPulse session for easy access
- new music styles: Fast Beat, Fast Shuffle, Mystic Ballad
- minor cosmetic changes

Version 1.2:

- 11 new music styles: Soft Swing, Cozy Waltz, Tale Waltz + 8 adaptations of existing styles to 3/4 time
- chord changes are aligned to beats in 3/4 time
- automatic conversion of chord progressions between 4/4 and 3/4 time (for any chord size)
- turning down volume of Drums/Bass/Chords turns off outgoing midi events
- small cosmetic changes and internal optimizations
- fixed: "8/16 bars" indicator did not automatically update during playback when the page changed

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