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Chord pages

Chord progressions can be structured on chord pages. 36 unique chord pages are available, identified by a symbol from A to Z and from 0 to 9. For example, you can place the chords for the verse of a song on page V, then set the chords of the refrain on page R, and the bridge on page B, etc. This way, you can conveniently structure and restructure your chord progressions. For instance, V V R V R B R R defines a typical song structure.

The maximum length of a chord page is 16 bars. If this is not enough, simply use more pages (e.g. page V and W for a verse that is 32 bars long).


When there are several pages, simply click on a page to view or play it. Press [Space] to start playing from that page. Press [Space] again to stop. Press [Home] to start playing from the first page.

Sequencing pages

Move the mouse to the empty area on the right of the last page. A "+" symbol will appear. Click on it to add a new page to the page sequence:

Add chord page to page sequence

To insert a page before an existing page, right-click on the page and select "Insert Page Into Sequence" from the menu. To delete a page, right-click on it and choose "Delete Page From Sequence" from the menu.

To change a page in the sequence, double-click on it to bring up a small box where you can select a different page:

Change chord page in page sequence

There is an alternative way to define a page sequence. Select "Edit Page Sequence As Text" from the "Edit" menu. A window opens where you can define the sequence using your keyboard:

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