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About the developer

      From code to music

I started working on ChordPulse in January, 2009, parallel to my day job as a physicist. I wanted to create a tool that lets one combine chord progressions and music styles in as few clicks as possible. As a guitarist, I dreamt of a really easy way to build custom backing tracks for improvisations.

178 music styles and over 5000 hours of programming later, with seven years of refinement based on user feedback, I'm proud to present ChordPulse 2.5.

I hope you will find it was worth the effort and ChordPulse will prove an inspiring tool for your practicing or songwriting needs. I also hope to be able to bring the program to the next level with your support.

Laszlo Oroszi

Thank you for your interest.

Developer of ChordPulse

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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