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Music style and tempo

Changing music style

To change the music style, simply click on "Style" or the name of the actual style below "Style". A menu appears where you can select a new style.

The tempo will change to the new style's tempo automatically. If you want to keep the actual tempo while switching between styles, activate "Lock Tempo".
Music styles with lock volume and tempo controls
By default, when you change the music style, the volume levels of the accompaniment (drums, bass, chords) will be fixed at their current values. If you want the volume levels to be set to their default values when changing styles, deactivate "Lock volume levels".

Changing tempo

You have several options to adjust the tempo. First of all, you can use the "Tempo" slider:
Music style tempo controls: slider, reset, increase, decrease tempo by one BPM
For fine adjustments you can use the + and - buttons on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can click the + and - buttons next to the "Tempo" slider. This way you can increase or decrease the tempo by 1 BPM (beats per minute). In addition, you may click on "Tempo" or the BPM value displayed below it (on the black display) and select from a menu of several BPM values.

Reset tempo

You can revert to the style's default tempo anytime by clicking on the
Reset tempo - Set music style's original BPM
button next to the "Tempo" slider. The yellow light on the button indicates that the tempo is set to default.

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